Wawundithembisile means “You Promised Me” in isiXhosa. The song is written from the perspective of a supplicant appealing to the Virgin Mary; addressing Maria on the subject of broken promises. 

The song is inspired by my own experience of Catholicism but also of old world structures and beliefs that no longer hold relevance for myself and millions across the globe. The pandemic has seen the fall or at least the questioning of old world ideas to do with race, patriarchy, gender, religion as well as faith in our leaders and governments. …

We are being called to forge new beliefs from authentic perspectives that reflect our true wishes for ourselves as individuals, nations, as a species and for our World. 

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Stories through Song - T/O/W/S live

I seamlessly intertwine song with stories which engage and entertain. I play music in dedicated listening spaces all over the world.


These can be as small as intimate private gatherings, various outdoor and indoor venues, to the largest theatres, auditoriums and concert halls.

I work as a solo guitarist, as a duo with a second guitarist, I have an all-female trio, and I love singing with children's choirs and orchestras of all sizes. 



Musician & Kenza 



CALL ME with Sun-El

Wawundithembisile 2021

Lullaby For Zen 2021 

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Call Me - with Sun-El 2020

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Ungazilibali ft Msaki, Eryn Allen Kane, Ami Faku, Bonga Kwana 2019

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