What I came here to do:

1 : Elevate the sanctity of childhood

    I am part of the change in how we educate and raise our children globally. The time of childhood is valued. Children are no longer discouraged from seeing themselves as active agents of change in the world. 

2 : Highlight our connection to nature

  I share how this connection leads to a deepened connection with our Selves and with the ‘Other’. 

3 : I use storytelling

 ... to encourage myself and others to live with a Chosen Story instead of feeling like a bystander in our own life journey.



The One Who Sings

The Work

Sacred Childhood * Nature * Chosen Story


When I began to look inside my head I realised I had a blueprint. A blueprint I had formed in childhood. 


I realised that childhood is sacred


 Can we choose to give children the blueprint we wish we had received ourselves: that of being heard, seen, loved, a feeling of being capable and whole?  

A deep curiosity fuels me. I want to know what I am for. I want to choose what I am for.  The pandemic has crystallised my reason for being. I cannot merely cruise anymore.


Now is the time to do what I came here to do.  


I was born and raised in the Gqeberha in the Eastern Cape. I am and have always been an extroverted introvert! 


 I sit on the board of Zip Zap Social Circus School. I am an ambassador for the SeaChange Project as well as the Morris Isaacson Centre For music in Soweto.


I live in Cape Town with my dear husband and two gentle sons. I'm writing new music, developing content for kids and taking lots of Nature Breaks, mostly in the sea.