It all started with a little girl's dream

When I was 12 I wanted to become the youngest author by writing a super fantastic book as a child and break some kind of record. I didn't.

But 26 years later I put on a play based on some parts of my life and I could never have predicted what it would look or sound like or that it would connect with so many people


But I knew I had to do it and so I did. I did it to understand myself more than for others to understand me. It’s the truth with all my art I think - it’s a look inside the internal mirror to see who looks back..

Thank you Lara Foot at the Baxter theatre for saying yes when I walked into the office and said: “I wanna do something!"

The play was surprising

Many people thought they were coming to see a music show or a biographical the hits journey of my super awesome band Freshlyground.


Well, we were all surprised when it turned out to be the story of a girl whose life was forever changes after the death of her loving mother. The play told the story of how that girl survived a wounded predator and went on to live a life … unique and at the same time familiar to all of us in its highs and tribulations.

The play changed my life and it feels so good to tell my story. Many more chapters are to be lived and revealed.

My Collaborators 

The One Who Sings was directed by the phenomenal Faniswa Yisa, with creative direction by my long-time collaborator Angela Nemov. 


Aron Ha'Levi helped me dream the play from beginning to end and Jeremy Handler helped me write it. Warren Wilensky produced it while Babalwa Mni did a superb job assisting me.

And not to forget Tiisetso Somo - our glorious intern.

I was planning on putting the play on in Europe and around South Africa later this year but with the current climate who knows what will be! Watch this space please!


The One Who Sings

Receiving a Fleur Du Cap Award for this play has been gratifying. It may seem strange to be acknowledged for playing oneself but ... in a way... to be oneself is

 the toughest role of all.

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My Collaborators