"Zolani's live virtual show received rave reviews from those of our clients who watched it. She gave so much of herself: in equal parts vulnerable, strong, witty, honest and fully expressive.

She shared her story with such class and took us along on her redemptive journey"

Nandipha Solomon

Head of Marketing - Citadel


Everything is story.

 Through understanding the role our Chosen Story plays in our lives we can start to make deliberate choices for a more fulfilled and rich life. Life has to have meaning.. and I believe it is meant to be FUN! 

I've been in the public eye for most of my life now. I've sung with superstars, for presidents and dignitaries, I've been all over the world and had my wildest dreams come true. People have a certain idea of someone in the public eye. We think: ”They cannot possibly have the same struggles as me. They are above it all." Not so.​

In my Inspiration Talks I dive deep into experiences which have shaped me. I talk about how living with an Unconscious Story led me to develop coping mechanisms which at first saved and then came to entrap me. 

I talk about the processes which bring me back to my Self. I talk about adventures in the natural world. I share a sense of connection and renewal. 

My talks are candid and engaging and they are always accompanied by music. Some songs you will know and all you will come to love. 



"The One Who Sings tells her amazing life story, detailing with such grace and humor how she grew up in the last throes of Apartheid and came of age at the time of South Africa’s transformation.

Through her powerful original music and beautifully crafted storytelling, we follow her life as she becomes one of South Africa’s greatest contemporary musicians.” - Jackie May, Twyg