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FAVES!!!! "It is good to come together for the purpose of co-creation!"

Updated: Apr 4, 2020


Last week I made a song available for collaboration with all of you. I invited you to simply consume it and enjoy it freely or to create an inspired piece of work whether audio or visual. Here it is for easy reference as you read...

Today I unveil my favourites from the global co-creation experiment!

Daniel Mpilo Richards, a professional actor, theatre and filmmaker used the song in his short film talking to Rameez! Rameez had a hectic accident and doctors said he'd never function again. In this conversation Rameez tells us the wild wild story of how he defied all odds and survived with his humour, his personhood and his enthusiasm for life intact. Watch it here and check out Daniel's instagram life below respectively.

Art @seematreedesigns

Angel Frey @seematreedesigns created this artwork in response to the song along with another image I will share on my insta story today.

Intergalactal!Love it!

We had some really really cool versions of the song. Two favourites of mine are from a painter called Robyn Ansell and a music teacher called Jan Gouws.

Here is Robyn's version of the song:

I absolutely love it! She came right out of her comfort zone and shared with us this extraordinary gift. So grateful for you Robyn!! Her instagram handle is @robyn_ansell_art. Check out her visual work!

Jan! Gave me a challenge in return with her offering. He reinterpreted the song with different chords and an entirely different package! So I rose to the occasion and sang ... operatically! I ADORE this version of the song!!! Herewith his initial offering and then my addition to his version of the song:

Simon Barnes is a photographer, director and director of photography and he has ... HAD the Corona Virus. He has been holed up on a farm in isolation since he got R E A L L Y sick from the virus. The time that he has been on lockdown he has been rediscovering and reconnecting with his passion for drawing and animation.

He made this AWESOME pic of me in response to the song. Love it!

His instagram handles:

ART: @si.barnes

Thank you for playing with me! So fun to co-create! Next week I will upload a new song to play to and with but in the meantime to all of you visual creatives out there... why don't you work with Jan and my version of Men in the Shadows and create a visual piece to accompany the music?

I would dearly love to see what you come with!

Take care and thank you!

Big love

The One Who Sings


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