The One Who Sings and Gregory Maqoma at The Baxter Theatre Nov 2020

The One Who Sings (Zolani Mahola) and Gregory Maqoma present "You Need To Say It" and "No Humor" at The Baxter Theatre, Cape Town 3-7 November 2020

by Zolani Mahola

A year after staging my award-winning one woman show "The One Who Sings" I am back at The Baxter Theatre in Cape Town this coming November 2020.

I will be sharing the bill with the extraordinary master dancer, choreographer, scriptwriter and director Gregory Maqoma ( I have long been a fan of Gregory's and am so thrilled to be sharing the stage with him at the official re-opening of The Baxter Theatre this coming November. I eagerly anticipate enjoying his latest production "No Humor" which, says Maqoma, "explores the delicate balance of sensuousness, violence, ethical sensitivity, ugliness, grace, humor where there is no humor."

My latest production "You Need To Say It" creates a meditative space of co-creation where my collaborators and I invite the audience to form a circle with us as we dream together. As in all of my work as The One Who Sings (the name I have adopted as my new artist name), the natural world is a presence embedded in the work. I also explore the idea that all situations present a gift to us no matter how devastating or challenging we may experience them as being.

This year afforded the world with an unprecedented disruption ... a Great Pause. Many of us asked ourselves questions we had never considered. Questions about our individual identities without the structures that make up our daily lives, questions about our role when it comes to the well-being of those around us. Indeed we saw clearly how our neighbours' security can and does have a direct impact on that of our own. Many, like myself, contemplated our true purpose on the planet and wondered what legacy we would leave behind at the end of this life.

It is out of the uncertainty and clarity in the wake (one hopes) of the pandemic that the idea for "You Need To Say It" was born. In making the work, I considered the words that keep me awake at night. Those left unsaid either to myself or to others. I thought about the difficult truths I have been forced to confront over and over again until I learn (only to forget and learn again).

I realised again that words have power. They are to be chosen wisely. The most important words we need to choose are those we say to ourselves. You need to say it, no matter what it is.

"You Need To Say It" is an oasis for myself and for those with whom I am dreaming up the work. It is also a safe space for the audience who will be invited into... calm. This calm may at times be challenging but as we navigate the silences, words and melodies together I hope we shall arrive at a place of renewal. That is as much as I will say about it. The work will be rich, full, deep and true. Come!

As per Covid-safe regulations the concert hall will be 50% full to follow social distancing protocols. Bring your mask and your wide-open self.

With all the love

The One Who Sings

"You Need To Say It" is conceived and authored by The One Who Sings (Zolani Mahola) with creative direction from Inka Kendzia ( and musical direction by Mr Sakitumi (
Styling by Purity Mkhize ( and musical support from Frank Freeman ( 
Tickets are available at Webtickets ( and the show starts 7pm every night from the 4th to the 7th of November 2020 with an invite-only fundraising showing on the 3rd. Tickets are also available at Pick n Pay stores. Convenient!

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