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say what say what lock down whaaaaaaat!!!!


photo credit: @garyvanwykphotography

I have the innate sense that I am always ALWAYS going to be ok. I wish that for you.

Tomorrow my country goes on lockdown meaning that we all will minimise our movement for the next 21 days. Lots of hometime. Lots of creativity time, dreaming time, family time, connection time. I have begun to put together live sessions on my Insta and these are a way for me to feel a part of. A way to express my creativity. Sometimes I need a deadline and Corona seems to have been that final push to get me to lean INwards. I'll take any sign from the Multi-verse.

Yesterday during a live session on my instagram profile I let you guys know that i wrote a song and that I would make it available to you.

It is either called "Men in the Shadows" or "Oh Come! All you weary!" I have registered both but think I lean more towards the latter.


Oh come all you weary

oh come all you sad and Blue

Don't say you don't feel me

I'm down with the likes of you


Those men in the shadows

they're taking the flowers down

Those men in the shadows

they're giving your mama a crown!


I want you to play with it, respond to it creatively whether through poetry or music or visual art or any way really. Then feed it back to me here:

and I can show the world what we did together.

Take my name... Zolani ... and be at peace knowing that you will ALWAYS... ALWAYS be more than OK.

Much love




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