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YAY! 39 today!

So many considerations in this massive year of 2020 where the world has shifted so fundamentally. I hope we will use these disruptions to create the nations and world of our dreams!

I released a song on Madiba's birthday in collaboration with South Africa's music finery.

The song was created by myself, Aron Halevi and Dylan Wray of - an educational and human rights organisation.

It is the beginning of a campaign to help us all think about our learnings from the pandemic as individuals and as a greater society.

And to encourage us to all to ACT to make the changes we want to see in the world.

The lyrics here for you and a link to the song at the end of this post.

A love letter for the nation and the world.

Because We Are

(by Mahola&Halevi 2020)

All the words in the world wouldn’t tell you

All the money: you never could spend it

You deserve all the praise in the world cos

It’s all because of you that

In the middle of all that is changing

We can count on the difference you’re making

(Cos) everyday you are there, come what may

Nakanjan' ukona da

All because of you all the world keeps spinning round

Because of you

We can stand on firmer ground

All because of you

keep our heart beat safe and sound

Because of you

We can feel we're stronger now

Eli vili liyajika ngengxa yakho!


All the best of a nation united


Coming through like a light in the darkness


Every test we will pass ( Amandla! )

Every struggle we will win

Because WE ARE

The greatest dream of our mothers before us

Nkosi Sikelela will remind us

Moving forth to our destiny calling


And even now when it’s hardest

There's nothing stronger than kindness

On your knees in the night like a fighter

Getting up every morning stronger

Thuma thina we will rise yea

Maluphakamis’w uphondo lwayo

To the light we're moving together

Building the future our ancestors could only dream!



Nakanjan' ukhona daar: no matter what, you are there

Eli vili liyajika ngengxa yakho : this wheel turns because of you

Nkosi sikelela : god bless (as in South African national anthem "God bless Africa)

Thuma thina : send us

Maluphakamis'w uphondo lwayo : may her horn be raised up (as in the horn of Africa - anthem again)

Lots of love to all of you on this my special day :)

The One Who Sings


#BecauseWeAre by the #MzansiAllStars including:

Amanda Black / Ard Matthews / Arno Carstens / Agape / Bonga Kwana / Buhle Mda / Cheistar / Craig Hinds / Divine Mahara / Early B / Emo Adams / Francois Van Coke / Gabriela Diamond / Jabulani Mthembu / Jack Parrow / J Something / Jedd Kossew / Jeremy Loops / Jimmy Nevis / Kahn Morbee / Karen Zoid / Khayelitsha United Mambazo / Khuli Chana / Majozi / Ready D / Shane Cooper / Vusi Mahlasela / Yvonne Chaka-Chaka / Zoe Modiga /

Produced by Aron Halevi, Mr Mallum and RJ Benjamin ❤️



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