Updated: Apr 10, 2020

I used to read these awesome books when I was a pre-teen. They were called Choose Your Own Adventure books. They had titles like "Your Code name is Jonah" or "War With the Evil Power Master".

The plots were like: "You are born on a spaceship to parents from two different planets and you must choose one of two possible homeworlds."

So great! Throughout the book you see what happens when you choose one action over another. I loved these books. They made me feel that there were INFINITE POSSIBILITIES, that the world could expand with the choice of a left instead of a right turn. Exactly how I felt when I watched THE MATRIX for the first time!

To quote Morpheus (talking to Neo):

This is your last chance. After this, there is no turning back. You take the blue pill - the story ends, you wake up in your bed and believe whatever you want to believe. You take the red pill - you stay in Wonderland and I show you how deep the rabbit-hole goes.

If there was ever a time to choose your own adventure that time ... is NOW!

On the one hand my options are limited in terms of movement ... To eat one more cookie or NOT eat one more cookie. To watch yet another episode of Ru Paul's Drag Race or .... you get the point! Not many variation or options. However in very fun-da-mental ways my options have never been clearer or more crucial.


1: I CAN CHOOSE to experience my life or I can choose to distract myself from it.

2: I CAN CHOOSE to experience the fear and uncertainty of this time or I can connect with the gifts of this time and I can do my bit to alleviate the fear and uncertainty of others in ways that are authentic and grounded in truth. ways my options have never been clearer . These have been some of my learnin ways my options have never been clearero . These have been some of my learnings in this time::

3: I CAN CREATE new realities by implementing new habits which grow me and benefit my world OR I can get lost in the REALITY of old broken systems.

In the #TOWSlive sessions on my instagram I've heard many of you mention the new ways you're learning to engage with yourselves that you'll carry with you in the post COVID19 world.

I WANT TO KNOW what solutions are coming to you as you day-dream or meditate AND what changes you're dreaming and making for you/ your community or the entire planet? no pressure heh heh!

Inbox me; I'm curious about you.


A couple of weeks ago I challenged all of you to interact with a piece of music I wrote called Men in the Shadows. I got back short films, I got back other awesome versions of the song and others created animations and wrote poems in response. I'm now collaborating with creator of my favourite work so YAY!!! Thank you all.

HERE IS YOUR NEXT CHALLENGE! It's geared towards visual creatives ... animators and graphic designers. I've written a theme song for my live sessions and I'm keen to get back some creative ideas on how YOU would be visually represent IT.


USE the colours white, orange and black

USE nature, children and story

USE the words clean, fresh and joyful as inspiration!

et voila! Troll communications on my SM if you need more info on feel and aesthetic! I'll present my favourites and MY TOP FAVOURITE WILL BE SELECTED as my opening theme graphic!

How long do you need? How about the deadline being Friday 17 April? Let's go with that!

Here is your jingle:

Have FUN with it!

Inbox me.. let me know what you're working with. And ... to quote the great Morpheus one last time

"Rest, Neo...The Answers Are Coming."

Some of them already have.


The One Who Sings

*ALL PHOTOS BY @garyvanwykphotography


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