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I am a


Zolani Mahola is
 The One Who Sings 

As The One Who Sings I am a musician and storyteller who creates to remind us that the time of childhood is sacred and that we are all connected to Nature. I strive to encourage us to find our own special gifts and to share them with the world.

If you’d like to book a talk, private or public performance, please get in touch.


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My Message

The One Who Sings is a creative project dedicated to inspiring and uplifting the human spirit. My music is rooted in the African traditions of storytelling and community, bringing together elements of jazz, folk, and soul to create a unique sound.


My message is to remind people of the sanctity of childhood and invoke the inner child in all of us. As a space-holder, I create powerful and sacred ceremonies, inviting people to reconnect with their true essence. Join me on this journey of self-exploration and liberation.


Performing both as a solo act and in collaboration with the Feminine Force.

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Intimate Ceremony

Providing inspiring music for sacred events and intimate ceremonies.

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Harnessing the power of story-telling through music to create transformative experiences.

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The Feminine Force

An all-female collective of powerful vocalists and instrumentalists, a band of both strong and soft sounds. Discover what happens when women gather to create.

It is fierce, it is gentle, it is loving, it is beautiful, it is handsome, it is strong, it is resilient, it is tender, it is wounded, it is rising, it is all.

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Debut Album release:“Thetha Mama”

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