I am a


I am a South African singer, actress and Inspiration Speaker.  Yes, I know it sounds like a mistake but I do actually mean "Inspiration Speaker"! 

Since 2002 I've been lead singer of the critically acclaimed

pan-African supergroup Freshlyground.  


I've sung live with Stevie Wonder, Shakira, Yo-Yo Ma; my band has opened for BB King, Robbie Williams ...


I've shared stages with Mos Def, the late great Hugh Masekela, Johnny Clegg many more AND dammit I nearly nearly - ok not that nearly - sang with Beyoncé! 


After 17 years of band life I launched myself as a solo entity.  1st January 2020. Dramatic!  Awesome. 


I've been recognised as an actress and singer for nearly 20 years now but still ... not everybody knows my name. In the streets people see the face and they go "There she goes! It's ... It's .. It's the one who sings!" 

And there you have it folks. 

I am Zolani Mahola. I am The One Who Sings. 



Welcome to the next chapter.


Our world is changing.  The old stories have worn thin. We're telling new stories now.


We're creating new realities: ones which inspire and give us true power.

I've got a new story.  A new chapter - deliberately created.  In this part I show respect for my self and my world; a high regard for the sacred time of childhood and the conviction that through the art of storytelling I can change The World.


As can You. 


Follow my blog for other wild (and joyfully mundane) thoughts.

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