I am a


I am a storyteller looking to find my new stories to tell. So I'm living new realities and I am open to new inspiration from within myself and from the greater world. 


I am a proud naturalist, mother and creator. I stand in connection with my world and it's people by standing in connection with me first. The African proverb of  "ubuntu" (I am because you are) extends beyond humanity and includes the creatures of our natural world and the world itself which flourishes and astounds without our support or hinderance. 


I am so honoured to be a part of the Sea Change Project and for the Oscar win for the movie "My Octopus Teacher". Please listen to the podcast with Dr Jane Goodall and Craig Foster that I have attached here


All love 

I am Zolani Mahola. I am The One Who Sings. 



Welcome to the next chapter.


Our world is changing.  The old stories have worn thin. We're telling new stories now.


We're creating new realities: ones which inspire and give us true power.

I've got a new story.  A new chapter - deliberately created.  In this part I show respect for my self and my world; a high regard for the sacred time of childhood and the conviction that through the art of storytelling I can change The World.


As can You. 


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remember who          you are