I am a


I am a naturalist, mother and creator. I connect with the Earth and its people by connecting with my Self first and foremost.


The African proverb "ubuntu" (I am because you are) extends beyond humanity. It includes Earth’s creatures and the Earth itself; which flourishes and astounds without our support or hinderance. 


All love 

The One Who Sings. 



Welcome to the next chapter.


The world is changing.  Our old stories have worn thin. We're telling new stories now.


We're making new realities: ones which inspire and give us true power.

I have a new story.  A new chapter - deliberately created.  In this part I respect my Self and my world; I show a high regard for the sacred time of childhood and I know that through story telling I can change the World... 


As can You. 

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remember who          you are